Consulting - Complehensive medical management service

Our consulting

At our company, we aim to provide customers with a wide range of medical applications, such as medical equipment / service providers, government agencies, local governments, medical institutions. Staff who accumulated experience, knowledge and expertise are doing consulting services.

◎ Area of "consulting"

To government officials / local governments / local medical personnel
→Utilizing limited medical resources, we will establish a sustainable business model that takes appropriate cost into consideration and will create a mechanism to create the necessary medical supply system.

To enterprises considering entering health, medical care and nursing care fields
→We support customers such as IT and equipment vendors who are thinking of entering the medical field to practice measures to enter business based on medical industry characteristics, regulations, legal system.

To hospital and clinic
→In response to changes in the medical environment / institution, we will support medical management to continuously provide medical care required in the area, and model creation of regional medical cooperation.

◎ Features of our “consulting”

Abundant experience and experience
→Our company has staff from a consulting company and has a track record of engaging in various consulting including health / medicine, medicine, medical equipment, domestic and overseas institutions.

Familiarity with regulations / institutions / business environment in Japan / overseas
→We have knowledge of domestic and overseas medical and health services, insurance system, IT utilization situation, and have experience in multifaceted investigation.

"Deep" consulting beyond advice
→We will step in not only advice from the outside but also the creation of a system at the worksite, including the introduction of systems and services.

Examples of demonstration project implementation

◎ Efforts at Special Zones Promoting Regional Medical Cooperation in Onomichi City

We supported efforts from the special zone application stage. Promote "home health care support model project utilizing ICT", medical care (remote medical examination) utilizing information technology / guidance on remote medication management guidance so that remote island patients, end-of-life patients, etc. can receive fulfilling medical care even at home.

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